What Dryer Parts for Speed Queen Machines Are Necessary

by | Feb 1, 2013 | Cleaning

When looking at the Speed Queen dryer, most likely an individual is not thinking about belts, motors, screws or sensors. The admirer is looking at the beautiful finish, the sleek design and the comprehensive control panel. But what makes the Speed Queen a great piece of equipment to have in the laundromat, the hospital laundering department or the private residence is the dryer parts for the Speed Queen are durable, specific and manufactured for consumer satisfaction.

Parts to Control Temperature

It may seem like most of the important parts have to do with setting and controlling temperature. With a dryer, it is all about heat, the temperature of the heat and the cycle of heat temperatures. The thermostat will set the temperature that is desired to dry clothes. The sensor will control that temperature throughout the drying process so the clothes will not get too hot.

The timer has to do with this part of the process as well because it tells the sensor and other temperature controlling dryer parts for the Speed Queen the amount of heat to release for the beginning, middle and end of the drying process.

“To Go” Parts

The dryer does not dry clothes by blowing heat on them. The dryer cylinder rotates so the clothes are tossed to dry evenly and consistently. The dryer parts of the Speed Queen that make this rotation happen include belts, motors, switches and more. All the while these “to go” parts are working the timer, sensor and switch, they are keeping the temperature exactly as an individual may have set it.

The parts that may wear out first are parts that have to do with the dryer holding the correct temperature. The complaint a dryer owner often has is the dryer is overheating or the opposite, which would be the clothes do not get dry until the dryer is set at double the time.

Water Extraction

No matter how good a spin the clothes receive in the washer, the dryer will still need dryer parts in the Speed Queen to pull out the last of the water. For this, there will need to be hoses and valves to carry away this excess water. Added to this category is the pump. It may be difficult to understand how all these parts have a job to do when the operator turns one or two dials and starts the machine up, but it happens, and that is what most Speed Queen owners are happy about.

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