What is Business education curriculum?

by | May 17, 2013 | Education

What is business education, how is it used in agriculture, and are there standards that instructors must follow?

Business education, in a nutshell, is training students of all ages to make astute and responsible economic decisions, and these choices will better their lives, both personal and professional. Students are taught how to make wise decisions as consumers, navigating through the emerging international economic market place and the processes that drive a business.

Business education lesson plans can vary according to the industry that is being studied, with the core concepts still being those mentioned above. In agriculture, lessons include small animal care, horticulture, turf grass management, agricultural science, land management, machine and shop classes, health and nutrition, biology, and livestock management courses to name a few. The Business education curriculum is designed in such a way to maximize the student’s learning potential, while conveying the information in a way that is easily assimilated while each lesson is targeted to educate the students about the process of making ethical and knowledgeable business decisions.

Yes, there are standards that need to be met in regards to Business education curriculum. The National Standards for Business Education were set up to assure that students are being educated to become successful in business and equally so in their lives. All students must participate in the economic system, thus all need to be literate in economics and business. Domestic and international diversity is the new normal business environment, and as such all students practice teamwork, interpersonal, and leadership skills to successfully function in this environment. Technology is an information management tool and is constantly changing, because of this all students must be able to adapt and learn new skills and techniques. The pace of life has changed because of technology, causing work and life to overlap, and because of this overlap, decision making is becoming more sophisticated.

The National Standards for Business are in place to assure quality education that teaches students to make wise economic decisions, in both their personal finances and business dealings. The Standards apply across the board to every type of business education class, and are taught at many institutions. These principles improve and enrich the lives of the students, preparing them for life.

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