What is Freight Transport?

Freight transport is the process of conveying goods of various types from one point to another point using many different modes of carriage. Freight transport in Portsmouth can be by road, by train, by plane and by sea. There are many examples of freight transport; the types of goods involved and their movement, here are a few examples.


Perhaps the most common method of freight transport in Portsmouth involves overland transport. The two most common methods of moving freight bay land is to use short haul deliveries and long haul deliveries. Short haul deliveries are often an aggregate of parcels or packages all leaving one dispatch point and all destined for another. Long haul usually involves the movement of goods point to point. The haulage company collects the goods from the shipper, transports the goods and delivers them to the consignee at a given locale. This is a favoured way of receiving bulk raw materials and taking large consignments of finished goods to customers.

Rail freight:

Rail freight involves the movement of specialty rail cars or rail cars that carry detachable containers which usually are coming from or going to overseas locations. The cars are moved through the rail network until finally arriving at the terminus. In many cases freight transport services in Portsmouth involves the use of both Lorries and the railroad.

Ocean freight:

The detachable containers that travelled by rail or special lorry eventually reach a port where they are loaded onto container ships. The containers are stacked one upon the other and they are secured by a unique clamping method to eliminate the possibility of movement during the voyage. The containers are loaded and unloaded using large container cranes that place the container exactly where it must be for programmed unloading. Waterways other than the ocean are used for inland conveyance of goods, usually bulk goods such as coal, ore, oil, etc. from one inland port to another.

Air freight:

Although air freight is by far the most expensive solution for moving goods, it is the most effective if time is of the essence. The costs associated with air freight can easily be offset by the prevention of costly breaks in production which may mean a delay in the entire chain of production. Air freight usually is used for smaller shipments but it is not unknown to ship items as large as cars by air.

Freight transport in Portsmouth can and often is a combination of methods. A consignment may leave the factory in a lorry, be transferred to a depot where they are loaded into a container, from there be taken by train to the port, put on board ship and transported to anywhere on the planet where the process reverses itself.

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