What Is Orthopedic Rehab

by | Mar 5, 2012 | Health And Fitness

If you have been referred to orthopedic rehab then you will be getting one on one physical therapy. Depending on your situation this could be on an inpatient basis or outpatient basis and will likely be done at an orthopedic rehab facility West Texas. The purpose in having one on one care between you and your therapist is to better address your specific needs. Your physical therapist has been trained to treat the entire body. How long you will need orthopedic rehab is going to depend on the severity of your injury.

The most common injuries treated by orthopedic rehab are: neck pain, back pain, shoulder tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee sprains, ankle sprains, and hip pain. In many cases the orthopedic rehab is needed after surgery to help in healing after spinal fusion, hip or knee replacement, ankle reconstruction, shoulder replacements, and rotator cuff repair.

The physical therapist at the orthopedic rehab facility West Texas will do an evaluation on your first visit. In this evaluation they will look at your range of motion, posture, and how well you can move. The therapist will also ask about your pain level and evaluate the strength around the injured area. Your therapist will compile all of the information and then develop a treatment plan for you based on your needs and then you will begin your orthopedic rehab.

Generally your therapy sessions at the orthopedic rehab facility West Texas will last between thirty and sixty minutes. In your sessions you will likely do stretching, manual therapy, and exercises. Your therapist will also provide education about your injury and explain why they are doing what they are doing. By having one on one sessions with your therapist you will be able to build a relationship that may help expedite your recovery and you will get a better understanding of your injury. With your therapist being able to work with one person at a time they are able to focus just on you and your recovery. They will also provide you with techniques to use at home to manage your symptoms and continue your therapy.

Your orthopedic rehab may or may not be painful. The type of injury that is being treated will determine the type of treatment. If your orthopedic rehab begins painfully, it is likely to lessen over time as your injury heals and becomes stronger. Your ultimate goal is to be able to take care of yourself at home and avoid any setbacks or reinjure yourself again.

Orthopedic rehab facility West Texas – Going to an orthopedic rehab facility will help in healing your injury. Crown Point Health Suites will be able to evaluate your personal situation and& determine the best treatment plan for you.

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