What is the job of a real estate agent?

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Real Estate

When there are homes for sale, a real estate agent is that individual who can match the seller with a buyer. The real estate agent does not only sell homes fast in Brandon Mississippi, he can just as easily be involved in raw land, commercial or industrial properties. The real estate agent must be a true professional, he must know how to evaluate the market value of the property, be able to analyze the property for its positive and negative aspects, know how and where to advertise and be good at negotiations. The real estate agent may also assist buyers of Homes for Sale where a mortgage is required. The agent works on commission which is variable depending on the agent’s status with a brokerage and whether the home was sold under MLS.

Help the buyers:

When a real estate agent is approached to help a potential buyer find a home, the agent must first determine exactly what the person wants and what he can afford, the location is also of importance as many buyers wish to be close to their employment or schools. The agent then scours his own listings and through his network, look for homes that match the criteria. Once the agent has a short list of properties he will take the clients from one to the other for a first hand viewing, he will explain the features, provide an estimate of what the fair market value is and be available to answer any and all questions about the property. When the buyer finds a house that he wants to make an offer on, the agent will help establish the best offer price and makes the offer to the agent of the seller.

If the offer is accepted, the agent then begins to work with other professionals which are involved. These people are lawyers and lenders as well as assessors. Once all the documentation has been completed, the agent arranges a meeting for the transfer of funds and documents.

Help the sellers:

The owners of Homes for Sale will often ask an agent to help in setting the appropriate price for their home. Based on recent property transactions in the area, the agent has a good idea of what a competitive price is. The home is advertised to the public and other agents. The agent shows the house to interested parties and when an offer is received, he can advise the owner if it is reasonable and should be accepted.

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