What Makes the 2011/12 Chelsea Soccer Jerseys Stand Out

by | May 28, 2012 | Shopping

The 2011/12 season is the official 97th competitive season of the Chelsea Football Club. The team kit for 2011/12 season is also special for its unparalleled designing. Designed by Adidas and sponsored by Samsung, the team kit started flying off the shelves as soon as it was launched and continues to attract millions of fans. There is something unique about each 2011/12 jersey kit whether it is the home kit, away kit or the 3rd away kit. Let us take a look at the outstanding features of all the three jerseys.

Top Features of Three Chelsea Soccer Jerseys from the 2011/12 Kit

Here are the three popular 2011/12 Chelsea soccer jerseys that continue to charm fans as well as the club’s players with its distinct features. Find out about those features in detail:

* Home Jersey 2011/12

The team’s home kit design for the 2011/12 season is special because it takes its inspiration from the club’s heritage. The uniform’s design reflects its inspiration from the past with the shadow stripes featured on the front of the Chelsea soccer jersey 2011/12. The jersey also features a well defined white color block that comprises of three blue stripes running down the shoulders. While the prime jersey contains the TechFit technology, the alternate soccer shirt is designed with Climacool technology.

* Away Jersey 2011/12

Famous by the name of ‘Turquoise square away shirt’, Chelsea’s away jersey stands out due to, well, turquoise square blocks printed all over the top half of the shirt. The blocks fade near the middle of the shirt which is where ‘Samsung’ chose to feature their name in bright white. This Chelsea soccer jersey uses TechFit technology, which promotes performance and endurance, whereas the Adidas Climacool technology promotes proper ventilation and keeps the player dry at all times.

* 3rd Away Jersey 2011/12

Chelsea’s third away shirt for 2011/12 takes inspiration from the 1970s look, and features a simple combination of yellow, white and blue. The club’s badge and the manufacturer’s (Adidas) logo are placed in a well defined yellow panel running across the top half of the shirt. The upper chest area along with the shoulders is designed in bold blue color, which contrasts with the predominantly white shirt. This Chelsea soccer jersey also features the TechFit technology, which helps to improve performance, speed as well as stabilize muscle energy.

If you wish to show your support for the English football club, choose any or all of three spectacular 2011/12 Chelsea shirts. While buying these from authentic outlets can cost you several hundred dollars, there are wholesale websites that can give you fair deal. However, make sure you seek recommendation for the reliability of the wholesaler before you place orders.

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