What Restaurant Permits and Licenses Do You Need in Los Angeles

by | May 21, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

You have decided that you want to open up a restaurant. That is great, but do you know what the requirements are? There are many Restaurant Permit Los Angeles requirements you need to get. Before you get them, you need to know what each one is for.

Every business has to get a business license and resale permit, and a restaurant is a type of business. The business license is issued by the city that the business is located in. It requires periodic renewal and always requires a fee. The resale permit is required only instates with a sales tax, and this will be issued by the state that the business is located in.

A restaurant is require to have a health permit. This ensures the safety of the people who eat there. These are issued by the city or county health department. An inspector will come to your restaurant to inspect it, and if he passes your restaurant you will receive a permit. The health department will make periodic inspections to make sure you are still up to code.

To ensure that your building will not go up like a tinder box, you will need building permits from the city and fire departments. These will also give you your maximum occupancy. It would be a good idea to wait until you find out how many people they will allow into your building before getting all of the seating.

If you decide to sell alcoholic beverages in your restaurant, you will need a liquor license. The beer and wine license is usually cheaper than a bar license because you are selling lower amounts of alcohol. It may be required that you take a course to get this license.

The final step in getting and keeping your Restaurant Permit Los Angeles is employees. All employees of a food establishment are required to have a state food handler’s card. This will require each of your employees to take an approved course, but you can pay for this if you wish.

Enjoy your new venture and do not forget any permits or licenses. If you do, it could cause the closure of your business.

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