What To Consider When Choosing From Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers in Orange County CA

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Health

Unfortunately, many people will have to deal with the anguish of drug or alcohol addiction at some point in their lives. While those who suffer from addictions may initially deny a need for treatment, there comes a time when self-help and independent twelve-step programs have proven ineffective. When that time comes, those dedicated to recovery find themselves investigating drug and alcohol treatment centers in Orange County CA.

There are many issues to consider when evaluating addiction recovery programs in Orange County CA. For example, the setting of a treatment center can be very important. For those who are feeling overwhelmed by their addictions and the general stresses of urban life, a rural setting calming views can remove some of the stresses that trigger substance abuse in the first place.

Another aspect to consider when choosing from drug and alcohol treatment centers in Orange County CA is the treatment process itself. All treatment centers offer a detox component, immediately following admission. What comes after detox is what will determine the overall success of a program. Compared to enacting a complete lifestyle change, detoxification is a relatively simple, almost mechanical process, during which the body is physically weaned off drugs or alcohol dependency.

However, to maintain sobriety, after the body is cleared of substances, the physical damage to the body must be addressed. Just as importantly, the mind must be retrained to deal with life without using drugs or alcohol. Effective drug and alcohol treatment centers in Orange County CA offer a collection of therapies and education programs to introduce patients to nutrition, exercise, healthy stress management, and strategies for maintenance using a twelve-step program. These combined therapies address both the physical and mental or emotional damage incurred by drug use.

While no two people dealing with addictions will be helped in the same way, it is important to consider a facility’s success rate when evaluating addiction recovery programs in Orange County CA. Ask the facility administration what percentage of patients remain drug free for one, five or even ten years after treatment. Find out how many patients require repeat treatment, and what kind of follow up is provided for those who’ve completed the program.

Finally, while it is impossible to put a price on living a drug free life, reality dictates that one consider the cost of a treatment program and the payment options available. For more information contact Jacob’s Mission Rehab Healing Centers.

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