What to Do to Find A Bankruptcy Attorney Ephrata, PA

by | Jan 9, 2012 | Law And Politics

Trying to find a lawyer that would be right for your specific needs can prove to be a difficult process. However, if you are filing for bankruptcy it is pertinent that you make the right decision as this will greatly affect your financial future. By getting the right bankruptcy attorney Ephrata, PA you are in turn ensuring that you are in good hands during the entire trying process. Here are several tips that you could use when it comes to finding a bankruptcy attorney in your home area.

  1. The first step would be to research on the lawyers that deal in the type of bankruptcy that you are applying for. This means there are several factors that you have to consider. Are you filing for individual bankruptcy or are you filing for your business? Have you decided what chapter of bankruptcy you will be filing for or do you want to wait for legal counsel? Knowing this beforehand will make your search for finding a bankruptcy attorney more streamlined.
  1. Once you have done your research and have a list of lawyers that you would like to move forward with, you then hiver to set up a meeting. This meeting will act as the first consultation with the lawyer. Since you will be filing for bankruptcy, suffice to say you do not exactly have money to pare. Thus you should only agree to meet with the attorneys that will offer you a free first consultation. Remember that this initial meeting is supposed to help you answer questions pertaining to whether hiring the bankruptcy attorney will be the right it for your needs. Thus ensure that you ask as many questions as possible. Find out what they would recommend as the chapter to file under. Also find out the fees that you would have to pay them during your case.
  1. Once you have met the different lawyers, you now have a better idea of what to expect from each and one of them. You should now go on to compare the different lawyer fees so as to know what would be best suited for your budget. Once you have a list of the lawyers that would be pocket-friendly to your needs, you should contact them. Find out if any of them will offer you a payment plan that you can handle or if they would prefer you to pay upfront. Choose the bankruptcy attorney Ephrata, PA that will come up with a payment plan that will be convenient to the both of you.

As you will be in close quarters with the bankruptcy attorney for a significant period of time, ensure that you get along well with them and that they are compassionate to your situation.

Finding a  bankruptcy attorney Ephrata, PA  does not have to be as daunting as people make it out to be. If you need further assistance on locating one for your needs, you should go to Mitchell A. Sommers ESQ, P.C.

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