What to Look for When Choosing an OBGYN in Palm Bay FL

by | May 2, 2013 | Healthcare

OBGYN’s are the medical specialists who keep women healthy, diagnose medical problems, and care for pregnant mothers. Most women use the same OBGYN for years, so it can be stressful if they have to find a new one. There are, however, some guidelines that can help. When searching for a new OBGYN Palm Bay FL patients should look for a full-service practice that meets all of their needs.

Check to make sure the practice includes the following:


Use a practice that offers complete wellness care, including PAP tests, HPV testing, flu shots, breast screenings, and STD testing. They should offer family planning services and infertility treatment. Annual wellness exams should be included.


The practice should use up to date equipment for testing and diagnoses. They should be able to draw blood, perform urinalysis, and do minor surgical procedures on site.


Your OB-GYN should be experienced and skilled at caring for women of every age. Women’s medical needs can change dramatically as they go through life and, when choosing an OBGYN Palm Bay FL, patients should use one who can keep them healthy at each stage of life.


The doctors you use should be able to handle every phase of your pregnancy, and every possibility. Choose a caregiver who can supply anything from a pregnancy test to checkups after the baby is born. They ought to be able to diagnose high risk pregnancies, perform cesarean deliveries, and take care of older mothers.


Some doctors only have privileges at one or two hospitals. When deciding on an OBGYN Palm Bay FL patients should find out which hospitals the doctors are associated with. Many patients want to go to a trusted hospital that is nearby. If that is really important, they should make sure their doctor will treat them there.


On your first visit to a new clinic you should ask a lot of questions and notice whether the doctor and staff members listen carefully to you. You will be trusting them with your health and maybe even your children’s lives. It is important that you have confidence in them and feel that they respect your feelings and choices.

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