Where to Hang Personalized Home Address Plaques

by | May 28, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Just about every home has its address clearly marked on the mailbox, on the home itself or even both. When you buy a home, though, you may wish to make your address stand out more or you may want to add something a little more to the exterior of your home in the form of decorations. No matter the reason, adding personalized home address plaques can be a fun way to enhance the look of your home and make sure everyone knows your address.

On Your Home

One of the most popular places for hanging a home address plaque is on the front of your home. Placing it right next to your front door or even your garage door can be the perfect location so everyone knows the address when they are looking for it. If these areas are hidden from the road and not easily seen, it may be best to choose another option, whether it is another area on your home or somewhere else entirely.


If your home is set back from the road or you don’t want to hang personalized home address plaques on the front of your home, you can always find a way to hang it on your mailbox. This is especially useful if you have a wooden post for your mailbox, though it can sometimes be placed on a plastic or metal mailbox post as well. When you post your address on the mailbox, it will be easily seen by anyone who needs to know.

Fence or a Post

Whether you have a fence that runs the length of your property or you want to stake your address plaque somewhere else, such as along your driveway, there are many appropriate places for an address plaque. In addition to enhancing the décor of your home or yard, these plaques are essential to make sure anyone who passes by can identify your house.

Personalized home address plaques can be a great way to ensure your address is seen while allowing you to express your personality and style. These plaques are completely customized for your address so you will never find another one like it unless you order one that way. Once you receive it, you can hang it just about anywhere, including directly on your home, on your mailbox or even on your fence or a solitary post driven just for your plaque.

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