Why is an inverter air conditioner energy efficient?

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

An inverter air conditioner goes a long way to solving the greatest problem with any air conditioning in Surrey, the cost of operation. The bulk of the inefficiencies in an air conditioner comes from the compressor, although it does not make sense at first, the energy is rationalized by leaving the compressor pump running at all times.

The basics of air conditioning:

Air conditioning is a process of cooling air by forcing it through a mechanical and chemical process in a heat exchanger. A pump compresses the coolant, which has the chemical ability of being either a gas or a liquid. The coolant which is a gas at this time is forced through a series of tubes to the heat exchanger, at this point it expands. It is this expansion of the coolant that creates the cooling effect, simply refrigeration. Typical domestic air conditioners have two fans and one compressor speed, full speed.


The reason why inverter air conditioning in Surry is more energy efficient than traditional systems, is the use of microcontrollers, which are programmable. The microprocessor treats the system like you treat your car; if you want to go faster your foot goes down more on the accelerator pedal. On a inverter type of air conditioner, the microprocessor is like your foot, it decides how fast the pump on the compressor should be running. The compressor on this type of air conditioning system only slow down, they never turn off.

Temperature control and maintenance:

Conventional air conditioners are either all on or all off, there is no middle. While the unit is on, it cools the area at the maximum rate the unit can put out. Once the temperature that is desired has been reached, the system simply shuts off. This happens all day long; on-off, on-off. The inverter system stays on continuously but the big difference is the air temperature. The inverter unit attempts to match the output air temperature with the temperature setting rather than blowing full blast for short periods of time.


In conventional air conditioning in Surry, the compressor is constantly starting and stopping. This process consumes a great deal of energy. To get the compressor motor up to speed uses far more energy than running it once it has passed its inrush current. This is the reason why inverter air conditioners are so energy efficient, they do not have to be subjected to high inrush currents every few minutes. Once the motor is running, it never has to get up to speed again.


The starting and stopping of the compressor is terribly inefficient, the amount of energy required to get it up to speed is much higher than the energy demands to keep it there.

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