Why Self Storage in Newnan GA?

by | May 27, 2013 | Business

Storage-for-payment schemes have long existed in the United States, as individuals or businesses offered extra space to temporarily store goods in exchange for a rental fee. Commercial storage enterprises did not come into being until the 1900s. The first was Bekins Moving and Storage, a company that specialized in the storage of possessions for westward bound families. The industry as we know it developed around the 1960s; touted as storage solutions for moving families, divorcees, military, college, etc.

In contemporary times, Americans have more stuff than ever, and less space to put it all. Commercial self-storage is a growth industry, as a result. Over 50,000 self-storage facilities are found spread across America. Although most people have the perception of industrial buildings sprawled together in some unsightly complex, today’s facilities are actually being designed to be more pleasing to the eye.

The goal is to make the blend into their neighborhoods as valuable assets to a community, no longer the perceived eyesore of the past. Many are even landscaped, which provides a sense of comfort and familiarity to users. Image is everything in any industry, and self-storage is no exception. After all, would an upscale family trust their possessions to a seedy-looking, run-down barn of a building?

Units are no longer the domain of just people in transition. Of course, the majorities are rented by individuals for the traditional purposes, but businesses also form a large share of unit renters—about 30 percent, in fact. Military community rentals are strong, with some areas experiencing a 95 percent of military rentals. Some self-storage companies have allowed innovative uses of their units such as conversions to “man caves,” a popular place for men to hang out away from family. Some people use them as exercise facilities.

Units are used to store just about anything. It would be far easier to list prohibited items which include things such as drugs, dangerous chemicals, animals, ammunition, perishable goods, and oddly enough, body parts. Even so, some units are available for special purposes. Refrigerated units are a choice for those looking to store a good deal on food for home or restaurant use. With a long history, it is no surprise to see these businesses thinking out of the box for filling storage needs. self storage in Newnan GA is avaialble.

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