Why Your Company Needs Improved Mobile Security

by | Jul 1, 2013 | Business

51 percent of companies have experienced data loss due to a security breach. Mobile devices are at the crux of business communication and if you are unable to adapt to the demands of mobile security you could be opening yourself up for some serious data loss issues.

BYOD, or bring your own devices is becoming the business norm for assignment of business communication devices. 84 percent of consumers are using their own mobile devices for business use. This is why BYOD has to be considered to ensure a good mobile security strategy. Your employees have access to tons of information via their mobile devices and whether it is a question of day to day use of that information or the case of an employee quitting or losing her job, a policy needs to be in place dictating proper use and access. A clear policy on how BYOD is secured as well as what happens to the data and information on those devices is required. It may be necessary to define a plan that may even detail which employees are allowed to use BYOD within your business. Once an employee is no longer employed you have to consider your rights to clear her device of apps and relevant documents and contacts as necessary.

On the Move
You have to consider that a large majority of employees using mobile devices are of course on the move. This means to a large extent these employees are self-managed. Partners and high level management are also mobile device users. This means it is important to ensure these users have access to and are properly applying user authorization and authentication during their everyday travel. Ensuring there are secure channels and risk management tied to these devices should factor in your mobile security strategy.

Enterprise Apps
If you are using your own in house apps how certain are you that use of the apps on mobile devices are securely deployed? Using a mobile app management solution can ensure mobile security and you can distribute your enterprise apps securely to your employees.



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