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by | Mar 2, 2012 | Insurance

You may not live in zip code 90210 but your car and auto insurance 19145 is just as important. You need your car to live your daily life and it would be a huge inconvenience if you were without your car. That is why finding the right auto insurance company is important.

The liability coverage for your auto insurance 19145 is required by law. The state feels for you to be a responsible member of the community you need to have proof you can pay for any damages you do to someone else’s property or person. There are minimum limits of liability that you must have, but you will likely want higher limits than the ones mandated.

The physical damage coverages for your auto insurance 19145 are your choice, unless there is a lienholder on your car. If you have a lienholder they will require you to carry physical damage coverages because this is the part of your insurance policy that protects their interest. A word of caution here, if you have a lienholder on your car and you total your car, your insurance company is not required to pay off that loan. If your car is worth less than the loan balance, you are responsible for paying off whatever balance is left on the loan. Your lienholder will also want proof you have coverage and that they are listed as a lienholder on your insurance policy. The reason for this is if you total your vehicle they will get the money from the insurance company, not you. This is why it is also important that once your car loan is paid for that you have the insurance company remove the lienholder.

When you purchased your car it all seemed so simple. And there was a time when it was pretty simple. But due to lawsuits and contractual law and each word of your insurance policy being examined and interpreted by the courts, it has gotten much more complicated. Your insurance policy is a legal contract, binding not just for you but for the insurance company from which you purchased your insurance. Your insurance agent also has a contractual obligation as well. This is why it is important for you to understand your auto insurance 19145 policy. Read your policy and ask your insurance agent any question you may have.

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