3 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Logistics Company

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Transportation & Logistics

Hawaii is a part of the United States, but the mainland is 2,500 miles away. This distance makes conducting business between the islands and the mainland difficult. If you wish to connect your business between these two markets, you need a logistics company on your side. Consider these factors when hiring a logistics company.

1. Warehousing services

If your company is beginning to connect its products between Hawaii and the continental 48 you might not have a warehouse on both ends of the supply line. Getting your products shipped between the two locations is not enough, you also need to store them until they reach the end-user. You should ask your logistics company what storage options they have available. Landmark Logistics Corporation

proudly offers short and long term warehousing services.

2. Load size

Every company is a little different. Your company might need five shipping containers worth of product shipped, while other companies might only need half a container. Flexibility is money, so you need a logistics company that can accommodate any container size. Landmark Logistics Corporation is proud to offer light and full container loads. The flexibility our company offers will take your business to the next level.

3. Door-to-door

Last-mile delivery is extremely stressful for business. When hiring Freight Forwarders in Hawaii, you might not know anything about getting the product to the final location. Our company is proud to offer a delivery service throughout the Hawaiian islands.

There are many Freight Forwarders in Hawaii, but Landmark Logistics Corporation is proud to offer the best services in the business. Get your product to the consumer quickly and safely with our company.

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