5 Reasons Businesses Should Use Business Card Magnets

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Industrial Goods and Services

Business card magnets are in many ways more popular and beneficial as compared to traditional cards. Here are 5 reasons why a company should consider handing out business card magnets as opposed to the traditional cards:

1. They are long lasting

Traditional business cards lose their original and attractive look once they have been carried around for some time. This essentially means that they will not be presentable after a certain amount of time has passed and would give a bad impression if given to a prospective client. This is especially true in the case of torn or ripped edges. Business card magnets, on the other hand, will last a long time and will end up looking great every time you present them to a client.

2. They have a more impressive look

Business card magnets will leave any client impressed with just one look. Also, businesses that end up choosing magnets with which to represent themselves want to maintain a certain level of quality in their processes. This quality will prove highly effective in both the short and the long run. Apart from this, people usually misplace or throw away paper cards. Magnets, on the other hand, will unlikely get misplaced.

3. They are useful

Business card magnets benefit both the businesses as well as the customers. This is because apart from providing useful business information to the clients, they can also be used as fridge magnets. This way, the details of a particular business will remain with the client for a long time and their guests will even get to see this information whenever they come to visit. People would also make use of these magnets at their workplaces where they would place them on filing cabinets and metal desks. This way, they act as great pieces of advertisement and increase brand recognition and recall.

4. They are affordable

While business card magnets might initially cost a lot more, they provide a better return on investment since they last a long time and look great no matter how much time has passed. This means that they are more affordable as compared to the traditional business cards. Additionally, they provide a great amount of exposure for the company as well, more so than traditional business cards.

5. They are different

Magnetic business cards are definitely a different concept and something that is completely unexpected. When businesses try out something unique, they are better able to get the attention of people all around and retain that attention for a long time.

In the business world, there is a lot of competition. Therefore, it always pays to do things a little differently!

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