6 Ways a Children’s Ministry Can Help Raise Happier Kids

by | May 11, 2016 | Religion

A children’s ministry is an expanded Sunday school – where the Words of Christ is the focus on learning, but achieved through lectures, games, songs, performances, and other types of activities. Parents who are concerned of their child’s emotional, mental and spiritual development not being addressed in schools can take comfort in knowing that a children’s ministry will be their solution.

Here are 6 things about a children’s ministry that will make your kid a happier child once you let him/her join in:

1) Church events – Children’s ministry events are sponsored by the church and occur in various dates of the year. These events range from Bible-based occasions like Easter, or church-originated traditions like an annual cookout.

2) Spiritual growth through games – Kids understand spirituality through emotions, such as love and caring. Developing games and teaching practical lectures allow kids to develop their own spirituality gradually and instill the gospel while they’re having fun.

3) Leadership training – Leaders are an important part of every church, so letting kids enjoy the community as early as possible encourages them to participate more and become potential leaders as they grow older.

4) Modern learning – Unlike traditional Sunday schools that use the bible as storytelling, kids today will be much more ready to accept any teachings if relevant technologies (such as tablets or digital games) are incorporated into activities.

5) Develop relationships – Children need other kids to socialize with, even in church. They achieve a more natural spiritual development when exposed to kids their own age. This also strengthens the community’s next generation, allowing the future church leaders to develop friendships early that would last for years.

6) Grow up in an environment where the Word of God is accepted – A children’s ministry is a place where kids are taught age-appropriate lessons that will develop their relationship with Jesus Christ. This will become their second home, wherein they will feel safe to meet their spiritual needs.

Growing up in a children’s ministry provides a valuable experience for kids. Not only do they develop a relationship with other kids, church leaders, and Christ, children will also be able to accept Christ as their Savior on their own.

If you’re looking for a Children’s Ministry in Jacksonville Florida, feel free to call Southpoint Community Church at 904-281-1188, e-mail at info@southpointcc.com, or visit the church every Sundays at 7556 Salisbury Road.

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