A Monument Created By Sand Blasting In Connecticut Will Last For Years To Come

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Business

Designing a monument or marker can be made easier with the help of an experienced monument service. Remembering a loved one, or choosing a monument is a very personal decision. Writing or emblems on the marker or monument will leave a mark for the person who passed away. Inscription words or emblems can be the focal point of the tribute to a loved one’s life. Creating a memorial marker requires a monument company experienced with Sand Blasting in Connecticut. Preserving a loved one’s life is one of the most important choices someone can make.

Does a loved one’s headstone need to be re-lettered? Older monuments that were not properly made can wash away the letters, leaving the headstone without a visible name. A monument company can perform Sand Blasting in Connecticut on existing headstones or monuments through a state-of-the-art technique. The company can perform lettering that matches the previous fonts, sizes, and colors. They can perform hand etching and give efficient response times to requests. They’re able to etch in granite, brick, wood, and many other surfaces. Restoring and repairing older monuments are no longer a concern with their craftsmanship. Painted monuments may need to be restored, and a monument service can make it look like new.

Lettering on a headstone or monument is very important for future family members looking for their ancestors. Specific information can be written on them, and they can include a picture of the loved one or a picture of their favorite hobby. Customization is always available in any shape or size of a marker or gravestone. It’s capable of using computer design with the combination of old-world style. The color of a headstone doesn’t have to be a standard gray or white stone. There are a large selection of colors to choose from and types of material that offer beauty and elegance.

Markers can be slanted or completely straight. They can be made for one person or two. If you or a deceased loved one needs a marker made, repaired, or replaced, you can find more information about the selection of markers available on the market today.

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