Addressing Unpaid Child Support after Divorce in Alpharetta, GA

by | Feb 23, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

You had a really bad divorce. It was loud and long and you certainly did not get most of what you needed to help support your three young children. Your ex-husband was never a good breadwinner and now that he is no longer married you have heard that he hardly works at all.

You have a lot of expenses, and both child and spousal support were granted to you by the judge when you went to court. Now you have had to go back to work leaving you with big daycare bills as well. In addition to not paying spousal support, the father of your children has not inquired even once about getting the supervised visits the court has permitted him. You know that is breaking the hearts of all three kids.

You don’t think that you can go back to the child support lawyer in Alpharetta, GA that you used because your ex-husband was supposed to be paying those bills and you have been told that he hasn’t paid a penny of that bill. This means you may have to engage a new law firm and cover the expenses yourself.

You know that you need a law firm that specializes in the many aspects of family and divorce law. You believe that your case should be open and shut. All you are seeking is exactly what is in the divorce decree that your ex signed.

Right now you need a child support lawyer in Alpharetta, GA. They should be willing to fight on your behalf and get the court to hold your ex-husband to the decree you obtained at the time of your divorce.

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