Advantages Of Considering Condos For Sale In Manhattan

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Real Estate

Many people plan to purchase a home once they’ve gone to school and have a career that pays well. However, living in Manhattan means that you’re not going to find a traditional single-family home. Condos for sale offer a wide variety of benefits and perks if you know what to expect and understand your options.

Lower Prices

While price can be relative and based on a variety of factors, many times, you can find condos for sale in Manhattan that are more affordable than a similar sized house with similar square-foot numbers. Because homes are hard to come by in New York, choosing a condo automatically means a lower price, which means monthly payments on the mortgage may be lower, as well.

Less Work

When owning a home, you’re responsible for all the maintenance and repairs, which includes lawn care, landscaping and the like. With a condo, all of that is taken care of for you, though you do “pay for” the service with HOA fees.


Owning a home means paying for and maintaining the security systems. However, with condos for sale in Manhattan, you’ve got a built-in security system in the form of a doorman, 24-hour concierge, hand-delivered mail and safe connection to the parking garage. Others will have to go through the door (serviced by the doorman), get past the concierge and lobby, all to get to the elevators or stairs.

More Friendships

Because you may have people living above and below you, as well as to the sides of you, you’ve always got friends and neighbors. It’s much easier to establish a friendship when you live close to each other and have similar viewpoints, and it’s easy to find those types of people when you live next to them.

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