Air conditioning Portland Maintenance Tips

by | May 29, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Air conditioners undergo extreme pressure due to heat experienced during the hot season. We know that after a long and hard winter, most of us are not thinking about the hot summer to come. This is good time to have your air conditioner system checked.

With the busy lives most lead, most people do not give their AC systems at thought until they fail to work well. Simple maintenance tasks such as cleaning as well as replacing filters regularly go unattended. The short-;term effects of such negligence can mean poor performance of your unit. The long-term effects on the other hand can significantly shorten the life of your unit.

An Air conditioning Portland unit is a tough piece of equipment. This is engineered to withstand all sorts of strain and continues to run. This is its advantage, but because of that it can bring about complacency in carrying out maintenance. As in car maintenance, air conditioners require regular tune-ups in order for them to run properly.

Without regular maintenance, Air conditioning Portland looses around 5% of its initial effectiveness each year it is in operation. Therefore, a 12 SEER system that you purchased a few years ago will perform like a 9 SEER contraption today. Lost efficiency can be recovered through regular maintenance. Studies show that with regular maintenance, 95% of the units’ original efficiency can be maintained. While the tune-up keeps the unit working properly, this also helps to reduce repair costs and you will be able to have good saving s on your electricity bill. A better Air conditioning Portland unit will do a better job of dehumidifying your home.

As part of Heating Maintenance, air conditioning manufacturers recommend annual AC check-ups in the spring as well as furnace monitoring every fall. Even though regular check-ups do not absolutely guarantee that a system will continue to function perfectly throughout the season, they will reveal minor problems that can cause major more costly problems, if left unattended.

Few routine tasks will pay off more handsomely than simple air conditioning cleaning. You will achieve both savings in dollars and comfort in your home. You will also prolong the life of the air conditioner. You can find your local repair services at a dealer near you or online.

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