What is double glazing?

by | May 30, 2013 | Home And Garden

Many people think of double glazing to be a product, it is not. Double glazing in North Wales is a process whereby a window is manufactured using two panes of glass separated by a gap. The gap is filled with either air or an inert gas, often argon. Prior to sealing of the assembly, a drying agent is added so that there is no evidence of moisture between the glass panes. If condensation appears between the panes then the assembly was not done properly and the entire sealed assembly must be replaced, it is not possible to repair a sealed double glazed window when condensate appears.

Double Glazing is installed to drastically reduce the heat loss in a house or other building. Standard windows, using one single glass pane are responsible for about 60% of the heat loss in a house; double glazing reduces this to a minimum, saving the homeowners a considerable sum when it comes to the fuel needed to heat the home. Studies have shown that once double glazing has been installed that heating costs drop by as much as 12%.

Depending on which part of the world a person lives in, the glass that is used in a double glazed unit is different. The glass is referred to as high solar-gain, medium and low. High solar-gain glass is used in areas where there are severe winters and short cool summers, medium solar-gain glass is used in areas where both summer and winter are mild and low solar-gain glass is used where the summers are hot and the winters are mild. The difference in the glass is the amount of protection it gives from the suns UV rays.

As well as being energy efficient, Double Glazing North Wales is environmentally friendly. With homes causing over 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions, replacing single glass with double panes helps to reduce the emissions and fight against energy loss. These windows also are effective against noise pollution.

Double glazing adds value to the property as well as making it more difficult to break in to. Double glazed windows are hard to break as they are made from two panes of toughened glass and they are all designed to have their own locking system.

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