Allied Wallet as an Alternative Payment Option

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Financial Services

Many large-scale, global corporations have adopted Allied Wallet as an “Alternative Payment Option” or “APO.” Companies typically acquire primary alternative payment options to cascade transactions to the highest approving banking solutions. This is an effective approach, because it increases approvals and minimizes declines. Allied Wallet stands apart from other alternative payment companies, because they offer payment gateway solutions that are completely customizable. With more than 164 currencies, and 196 countries being accepted, Allied Wallet has become one of the largest ecommerce payment gateway solution providers in the world.

APO Solutions for Companies both Large and Small

Small companies and large enterprises have a world of opportunity to maximize their profits when they choose Allied Wallet as their primary APO solution provider. They will be able to offer a large range of payment options to their customers, while also potentially gaining a large customer base from dedicated Allied Wallet shoppers that prefer to shop with Allied Wallet. With more than 52 million eWallet customers from around the world, ecommerce companies can capitalize in huge ways by tapping into the resources and traffic that Allied Wallet offers. While many companies have not utilized APO providers, because of the idea being relatively new, more and more are joining up all of the time. Allied Wallet has proven to be a wise choice for thousands of businesses in all sectors on a global scale.

Features and Benefits of Choosing Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet has nearly 70 million users worldwide, and they process billions of dollars in transactions every year. Companies will find the sign up process extremely easy. Allied Wallet offers secure and encrypted transactions, as well as chargeback prevention features. They also offer 24/7 support, offshore payment processing solutions, and fast account setups. Customers from all countries will be able to send and receive money easily, without the hassle that is typically experienced with most APO providers. Providing customer service that is second to none is vitally important to Allied Wallet. They take great pride in offering safe, honest, and secure payment options to customers on a global scale. Customers will always experience excellent customer service, and low transaction fees when they choose Allied Wallet. There are never any hidden charges or fees.

Allied Wallet is a leading alternative payment option provider for online merchants around the world. They are highly reputable with the services that they provide.

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