Are You Looking for Pressure Cleaning Supplies in West Palm Beach?

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Home And Garden

In West Palm Beach Florida, you can find pressure cleaning services and equipment for residential and commercial projects. The cleaning technicians are proficient, highly skilled and well versed in water pressure cleaning, chemical handling, repair, maintenance and service and power washing.

High quality equipment installed with the best pumps is used to ensure that clients get the best affordable services.

Product categories

Surface cleaners- The surface cleaning machines vary in size and function. The 28” surface cleaner can use hot and cold water. This machine is heavy, its design enables it to function for many hours, and it is ideal for large surfaces.

You can find a 24” surface cleaner machine that is relatively smaller than the 28” one. This too can function with hot and cold water. The design of this machine enables it to clean relatively large surfaces without the chance of wearing out.

There is also a medium surface-cleaning machine that is 20” called the classic surface cleaner. This machine specializes with light washing and can use both hot and cold water.

The 16” surface cleaner machine is smaller than the rest and its output is therefore minimal.


The available generators have different watt usage. They range from 2800-14000 watts.

Hose reels

Hose reels can store your garden hose, fire hose, and irrigation hose. The hose reels differ with inches and the usage method. There is a spring-driven one that is automatic and the hand- crank one that is manual.

At West Palm Beach pressure cleaning supplies, a wide range of pressure washers are available for commercial and residential uses. You can get customized cleaning supplies designed to fit in with your requirements. They include:

  • Cold water pressure washers
  • Gas pressure washers
  • Electric pressure washer
  • Hot water pressure washers

You can also get repair and maintenance for your equipment. A highly qualified team of staff is available to give you expert knowledge in identifying your mechanical problems and fixing them. Generally, you can get repairs and servicing for any size of equipment ranging from the small portable lawn mowers to the big unit trailers. You can also get generator storage services to help you extend the durability of your generators.

Cleaning supplies in West Palm Beach are easy to find. You are also sure to find service providers that have perfected their craft and service delivery over the years. You are bound to get value for your money.


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