Banners Are a Great Way to Attract Attention to Your Trade Show Exhibit

by | Mar 6, 2013 | Business

Businesses have used banners for years as a way to draw attention to their businesses. Even before fabric banners, businesses would place a wooden placard outside the business so everyone could tell what was inside the building. Today, these banners have even more uses, such as within a trade show exhibit, to give people information about your business and to attract attention.

Bright Colors

You need to do everything you can to attract attention to your booth so people don’t simply pass you by. You can do this by using bright colored banners that will naturally attract the eye of those who walk by your booth, as well as those who are across the room. Position these banners where they will be easy to see so you know the greatest number of people will be able to see them. The more people your banners attract, the more likely you are to build your customer base faster.

Bold Lettering

Most people who attend a conference want to know what each business is before they approach the trade show exhibit. This is why it is important to use bold lettering, especially in terms of your business name, so people know what to expect when they enter your booth. This will save everyone time and energy. If people don’t need what you have to offer, they can more easily pass you buy.


The use of banners on banner stands flanking the entrance to your booth can be a great way for you to attract attention. However, banners actually offer you greater versatility than that. These banners can be strung along the walls of your booth for people to see when they enter it. They can also be strung across the opening of your booth if you don’t have banner stands. Being able to drape these banners in a variety of ways can help you attract even more attention to your booth.

The goal of a trade show exhibit displays is to attract potential customers to your booth so they choose you instead of your competitors. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of versatile banners and banner stands. These banners should be created from bright colors and feature bold lettering so they can be seen from greater distances. When you can attract the attention of those attending the conference from afar, you reduce the chances they will simply pass you buy.


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