Bed Bug Dogs: What You Should Know

For the second year in a row, bed bugs were designated “Pest of the Year” according to the Entomologists’ Almanac. As of December 2018, Internet searches for bed bugs exceeded 6.7 million times nationwide. With the upsurge in bed bug infestations in the last decade due to an increase in global travelers, pest control for hospitality is crucial. Quickly and accurately discovering bed bugs will save your hospitality facility time and money. Let’s learn about specially trained canine dogs.

Bed Bug Dogs are Reliable

Bed bug dogs are emerging as a viable solution in detecting the presence of live and dead bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs. According to, trained dogs have a 97% accuracy rate in locating an infestation of live bugs.

How Do Dogs Detect Bed Bugs?

Dogs have been used to smell a human scent, corpses, and a multitude of substances such as drugs. Some species of canines have as much as 300 million nose receptors. Dogs are much more reliable than the human eye which can only visually detect the bugs 30% of the time. Bed bugs are hard to see because the eggs and nymphs range from a cream color to yellow in color. They are often missed if the bedding and carpeting are also light-colored. Also, their size is tiny, only a quarter of an inch long at most.

The Training of Bed Bug Dogs

Dogs are trained to smell all of the different scents that bed bugs emit at each stage of their development including death, shed skins, and egg casings. The dogs can also identify previous infestations which help to alleviate a false positive diagnosis that can lead to unnecessary treatments.

Bed bug dogs are trained in facilities that have fake hotel rooms. They are trained to smell beds, mattresses, electrical outlets, headboards, closets, and other areas where bed bugs hide. Trainers buy and breed bed bugs to populate the fake hotel rooms making the training more effective.

Viking Pest Control performs pest control for hospitality. We have a Canine Scent detection team, Helga and Hagar, to detect and resolve your pest control needs. As a hospitality facility, you want the best. Contact us today at 1-800-618-BUGS. You may visit our website to submit a request for evaluation form.

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