Buying Tips from Used Car Dealers in Kansas City

by | Sep 23, 2013 | Automotive

The biggest advantages of buying used vehicles are the lower purchase price, lower taxes and lower insurance costs. The main disadvantages are the lack of a ‘new car’ warranty, and the higher likelihood of expensive problems. To reduce the risk of ending up with a lemon, you can take the below steps when shopping at Used Car Dealers Kansas City.

Limit your search to newer cars: Look for newer vehicles that still have some of the manufacturer warranty. Most later-model automobiles have at least a 36,000 mile basic warranty, and in most cases you’ll get at least a year’s worth of reassurance–as long as you make sure the warranty is transferable.

Consider CPO (Certified Pre-owned) Cars: These vehicles are late models that usually have fewer than 50,000 miles and have endured a rigorous inspection. All CPO cars are maintained and serviced before being sold, and are manufacturer-backed. Most include an extended warranty on parts like the transmission and engine.

Research each model you’re considering: Look for clues that your chosen make or model may have problems such as excessive consumer complaints. Find information at the NHTSA website, and consumer information at JD Power. Consumer Reports is another good place to start–you’ll be able to quickly find out whether your chosen car has a history of issues.

Inspect the car you want to buy: Even if you choose a make/model with no record of issues, the particular car you’re considering may not have been properly maintained. Have a mechanic look the vehicle over before you buy; if the dealer is reluctant to allow it, walk away–and consider yourself lucky.

Write down the VIN: Locate the car’s vehicle identification number (usually on a plate at the top of the dashboard) and get a vehicle history report. Look for information that could influence your decision, such as title troubles, accidents, service and ownership history. The typical vehicle history report costs less than $40, and is a worthwhile investment.

Visiting Used Car Dealers Kansas City can save you a lot of money, but buying the wrong vehicle can cost you in many ways. By following the tips above, you can get the vehicle you want at a price you can afford.

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