Choosing a Style for Your Custom Hats

by | Mar 28, 2024 | Screen Printing Shop

Embroidered custom hats in Temecula, CA are a very popular choice for corporate and giveaway apparel. You have many choices in styles for your hats, so that you can choose something that suits your corporate style, and your budget.

Baseball caps are very popular for custom hat embroidery. These caps come in two basic styles: constructed and unconstructed. Constructed hats have a piece of fabric in the crown that helps the cap hold its shape.

Constructed caps come in two primary styles: the traditional cap and the flat bill. Traditional constructed caps are those you’re accustomed to seeing for athletic teams. The bill of the hat is slightly curved. Flat bill caps are distinguished by their very large bills that have no curve. These caps have gained popularity in recent years as a part of hip-hop culture.

Unconstructed caps are those that have nothing to hold the crown in shape, so it is soft and floppy. This is the most popular style of baseball cap, because it is the most comfortable, and has a casual look.

Knit caps, like beanies and toboggans are also popular for custom hat embroidery. These can be knitted or made from fleece. Many companies choose both baseball caps and knit hats for custom embroidery, since one style is more popular in the winter and the other in the summer.

Talk to your custom hat embroidery vendor to see the selection available to you. You’ll likely be able to choose from several different colors and styles whether you go with knit hats or baseball caps, or elect to order both. Each is available in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose a color scheme that works well with your company logo.

Employees and customers alike love receiving hats. You’ll be happy you added this item to your company apparel.

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