Cleaning up bathroom water damage

by | Jun 6, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Regardless whether you have experienced a small leak or a major flooding in the bathroom of your home, you will want it fixed immediately and get it cleaned up before it can do any more damage. There are a number of ways of doing water extraction in Phoenix AZ, these methods will dry the floor and help in stopping any long term damage from occurring. The first thing that must be done is to find the source of the water and hopefully stop it. If you cannot immediately stop the leak locally, then you may have to shut the water supply off at the meter. Once you get the water stopped you have to start cleaning it up immediately with towels, mops, sponges, etc, whatever is handy around the house. If the leak has spilled a great deal of water then you may be well advised to call for professional water extraction in Phoenix AZ.

If the source of the water is apparent; something like an overflowing bath tub or toilet that is one thing. On the other hand the source may not be immediately identifiable and you may have to either cut the supply to the house or attempt to tighten visible fittings. Chances are if the leak is not apparent, then a plumber will have to be called, but in the meantime, your immediate concern is to clean up the best you can. If the water supply has been cut there is no possibility of a further flooding so you can focus on cleanup at this time. Get everything off the floor that can be ruined, like bath mats and scales first.

Once the water has stopped flowing, take towels and soak up as much water as you can off the floor. If the problem is a plugged drain in the bath, put the wet towels in a bucket and take them to the laundry room or outdoors to wring them out. If you bathroom floor, usually tile, leads to a carpeted area, perhaps a hallway, build a dam between the two surfaces to prevent water from getting to the carpet. If water gets in to carpet and under padding it is difficult to remove. Your immediate goal is simply to get water extraction in Phoenix AZ over with as quickly as possible as speed will help in avoiding major damage.

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