Commercial Electrician Apprenticeships – An Overview Of The Path & Job Market

by | May 10, 2013 | Electronics and Electrical

Once the choice has been made to become an electrician, the next logical choice is to decide which of the many branches of the field to pursue.

Most budding electricians tend to gravitate towards the commercial field on one hand or the industrial field on the other. Commercial electricians will train and take an apprenticeship program that will prepare them for commercial electrical jobs in Brisbane, the surrounding areas, or other large urban areas.

These workers normally work for larger private companies, and each project worked upon will be within the scope of the experience and expertise of the electrician.

Training Courses & Wage Outlooks

Unlike the training given to those who aspire to be a general electrician, commercial electrician training concentrates on wiring systems and how these wiring systems are integrated into the heavy equipment that they run and control.

The commercial electrician has advanced skills and the wage outlook is excellent, so it’s a great choice for those looking to get into the field.

Generally, the commercial electrician will take courses and training in:

  • The upgrade and repair of electrical service

  • Installation and repair of systems and circuits

  • Troubleshooting and repair of systems of various voltages

  • Installation and testing of large motors and generators

  • Installation and testing the installation of large fire detection systems

  • Installation and testing of complete surveillance systems

During this period, the commercial electrician will use and become familiar with various tools and speciality apparatus.

The Commercial Electrician Apprenticeship Program

Before the best electrical jobs Brisbane and elsewhere become available to the advanced commercial electrician, there is a fairly long apprenticeship program that must be completed.

In Australia there are a number of programs available in many locations around the country, including in Brisbane. Young applicants get hands on training with professionals who are already certified in the field and possess the skills required to perform the work correctly.

In most cases an apprenticeship program is a prerequisite, so during the training period each candidate must factor this into their plans for the future, candidates must take one step at a time.

In the past, apprentices would spend long hours, every day working under a skilled master electrician. While these electricians were still apprentices, the pay was generally poor and there were very few that could walk away from the apprenticeship in hopes of finding another more worthwhile career.

Today, however, apprenticeship programs allow the candidate considerably more flexibility and freedom and instead of having to work every day as an apprentice, the schedules are flexible, even allowing for the continuation of other studies.

Government Assistance For Electrician Apprentices

Not everyone is in a position to abandon their life in pursuit of a better future, there are, of course, family responsibilities and bills to be weighed and considered.

The Australian government often provides assistance for those going to school, especially since it often results in the filling of the many electrical jobs in Brisbane and it’s surrounding areas. The government realises this is good for the economic development of the region.

Government assistance relieves some of the burden so that when a student becomes a certified commercial electrician, he is not saddled with a huge debt, this attracts more candidates, helping to fill all the positions which are opening up. So, as all can see the path of apprenticeship to full fledged electrician is a good one, with a lot of flexibility and opportunity for a great career with competitive wages.

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