Tips on Selecting and Sizing Designer Men’s Suits

by | May 10, 2013 | Shopping

The thought of buying a suit fills most men with trepidation, but the process does not have to be difficult. When deciding how much to spend, it’s wisest not to go below $150. Below are some more tips on selecting the right Designer Mens Suits for your body type and your budget.


Knowing the difference between the different kinds of suit fabrics is another important step in buying Discount mens suits. Fabrics such as polyester and Teflon don’t allow air to circulate next to the skin and can be uncomfortable on a warm day. If you are buying a suit for the first time, stay away from linen; they’re less formal and are much more expensive to dry clean.


There are many style options in designer men’s suits. If you’re suit-shopping for the first time, or you need a reliable business suit, your jacket should:

Be charcoal gray or dark blue in color

Be solid in color (no patterns such as plaids, checks or pinstripes)

Be single breasted (where the jacket buttons without overlapping)

Have a maximum of three buttons

Keeping the above criteria in mind will help you make a more informed selection. When buying a discount suit, the jacket and pants are usually bought separately. Men with average body types will do best with the American cut, and fuller-figured men look best in full-cut suits. Men with athletic physiques look handsome in European-cut suits, as they are slightly nipped in at the waist.

Sizing Your Suit

Your new suit should hang correctly on your shoulders. The back of the jacket should be snug, but should not impede natural movement. The sleeves should end where your wrist and hand meet, and the collar should end about 1/2″ below the collar of your dress shirt.

Finding perfect-fitting pants is a much simpler process. First and foremost, they should match your jacket perfectly. They should fit in the waist and in the inseam, completely covering your socks and resting slightly on the tops of your shoes when you’re standing straight.

No designer men’s suit would be complete without a stylish tie and a crisp dress shirt. If you are buying a suit for the first time, put together a stock of at least five. Ties are an easy way to give your suit a new look each day, and they are inexpensive enough so you can afford to keep a few on hand.




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