Crowns are used for a number of reasons

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Dentistry

A dental crown, often simply called a cap is a cover which is in the shape of a tooth; they are used frequently by those who practice cosmetic dentistry in Grand Island NE. If a person’s tooth has been damaged either through trauma or decayed to the point where it is beyond traditional repair, the dentist can either remove the tooth or repair the tooth with a crown. It is not just damage or decay that crowns are used to rectify, they can also be used repair teeth which are misshapen, discolored or used as an anchor for a bridge.

When the tooth has been prepared by the dentist for the fitting of the crown an impression is taken. The impression is sent to a dental laboratory where the crown is made. While the permanent crown is being made, the dentist can fit a prefabricated temporary crown. The permanent crow can be produced from all metal, metal which has a porcelain veneer fused to it or all ceramic. The metals that are commonly used to produce the crown are gold, palladium, nickel or chromium. In normal Crown In Grand Island NE, a ceramic crown is favored for the teeth which are exposed when smiling, metal and metal/porcelain combinations are used for the back teeth as the material is strong and can resist the pressure of biting and grinding.

When the dentist suggests that a crown is the solution to the damage or extensive decay, it is often necessary to first perform a root canal, although this is common practice, not everyone will have this procedure performed. The next step is to perform the tooth to accept the crown; this is done by grinding the tooth to the shape the dentist wants, making sure that all decay has been removed. Once the tooth has been shaped to the dentists liking, the gum will be depressed, usually with a piece of thread that pushes the gum down. The impression is made and sent off for manufacture.

Once the crown has been returned from the lab, the temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown is set in place using a very strong dental adhesive. The procedure is quick and rarely will the patient experience any post procedure pain. For the best in family and cosmetic dentistry, look no further than Business Name.

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