Dental Online Marketing Projects

by | Sep 27, 2012 | Dentistry

Are you trying to improve results for your dentistry website but aren’t sure where to focus? Have you hired Internet marketers just to be let down by results? The dental industry is one exception to the typical rules of advertising online. In order to reach your full potential, seek out an expert on dental online marketing. Here are a few fun Internet projects you can have created for your site today.

Viral Dentistry Videos

With sites like YouTube, you can start creating a set of videos pertaining to your dentistry practice. Introduce new employees or give potential new patients a tour. Encourage the general public to care for their teeth or publish announcements of new advancements to the dental care or financing products offered by your office.

These videos can be posted in a variety of places online. The wilder, more amusing or helpful they are, the quicker these videos will be passed along to other people. Just make sure things don’t get too crazy. You want to impress the public, not frighten them.

Banner Advertising

As surprising as it may sound, this dinosaur tactic for general websites in the 90s is relatively successful for local service providers when placed in the right places. There are a few specifications for getting this right. First, they have to be clear and pleasant to look at. Next, they have to brand your website and dentistry practice in some way. Thirdly, they have to be found where your customers will be looking.

The best places to host banner ads may surprise you. Unless you’re a tech expert and know about the latest ad technology that takes Internet cookies into account, it’s best to leave banner campaigns up to the experts. Otherwise, you stand to spend a large amount for few results. For instance, the local newspaper’s online website isn’t usually a good place to host your banner ads.

Dozens of effective dental online marketing projects can effectively bring new patients to your practice, while making those you have now even happier with your services. Website details that make life more convenient, save people money or allow them to plan for future expenses do a lot toward winning customer trust. Done wrong, these methods can have the opposite effect. Make sure you’re taking the right moves by speaking with a dental online marketing expert.

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