Different Types of Ribbon

by | Jul 30, 2013 | Shopping

Ribbons of all sorts are used in a variety of crafts, gifts, clothing and home décor. Ribbons used for craft projects come in a wide variety of widths, fabrics and colors. Ribbons are produced from various different materials giving them all certain uniqueness in looks and usage. A very popular ribbon used in gift giving is personalized satin acetate ribbon.

The crafter can source ribbons to suit the project; they are made in solid colors as well as a blend of colors. Many ribbons are designed; some are plaid while others may have dots or little animal prints. Depending on the fabric, the ribbon can be textured or it can have a shiny or metallic finish. Ribbons can be purchased that have been pre-tied into attractive bows or accent pieces but most crafters and gift givers prefer to purchase ribbon on a bulk role which they can use as the occasion arises. With bulk ribbon in the craft drawer, bows can be made to accent decorative wreaths as well as gift baskets and floral arrangements. Personalized satin acetate ribbon is the choice of most professional florist’s shops as it holds its shape beautifully when made into a bow.

Wired ribbon is produced with very small wires running on either side of the ribbon, this ribbon can be easily formed into very intricate shapes and is often used in home décor projects, especially around the holiday season when seasonal patterns become available.

Heavier ribbons made with fabric such as velvet or grosgrain is often used to give an elegant touch to craft project or gift. There are some ribbons, velvet being one of them, which has a flat finish on the backside and a soft fabric on the primary side. It is not just heavy fabrics that are produced as ribbon, light weight fabrics such as organza, chiffon and taffeta are also available.

Personalized satin acetate ribbon is available in many different colors, widths and ink colors. These and other ribbons can be as small as 9/16″ wide all the way up to 2-1/2″ wide. When ribbon is bought by the roll, the roll lengths are usually 50 or 100 yards in wholesale and 10 to 25 yards when purchased from a retail supplier.

For florists who wish to give their bouquets a special touch, personalized satin acetate ribbon from FinerRibbon.com is a must.


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