Do Commercial Carpets Need Cleaning In New York City?

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Home And Garden

What is a commercial carpet anyway? Presumably, the term applies to any type of carpeting laid on the floor of any business or commercial premises? Probably, these carpets receive more foot traffic than residential carpets in our homes and, consequently they are often produced in harder wearing materials and/or given a tighter weave and less pile (particularly in heavy traffic areas like the front door reception but, probably not in the boardroom). Because of all this additional traffic; along with greater chances of accidental spills, etc; these commercial carpets becoming dirtier quicker than their residential counterparts. Therefore, it stands to reason that the New York proprietors of the commercial premises may often need to engage the services of a firm providing commercial carpet cleaning In New York City.

What’s Wrong With Using A Basic Vacuum Cleaner?

One of the main jobs that we all perform with our vacuum cleaners is to “do” the carpets. However; whether they are domestic or commercial grade carpets; is this sufficient or, could Commercial Carpet Cleaning In New York City do a better job?

Regular brushing, sweeping and vacuuming are an essential part of all carpet care but we must be aware that they do not provide a 100% complete clean. Done correctly with an efficient machine, vacuuming removes all the surface debris but it can (and often does) leave particles trapped within the pile of a carpet. Additionally, it might not remove all the microscopic organisms like dust mites that can be hidden deep down inside any carpet.

Then, there are the liquid stains to consider. Whatever is going on inside the commercial premises (let’s say it’s a dental clinic); someone enters the reception area with a takeout cup of latté in their hand and then stumbles and drops the coffee all over the reception carpet. The receptionist frantically tries to mop up with paper tissues; another employee comes with a mop and bucket of soapy water but, no matter what they do, the area of carpet affected by the spill will look a different color from the rest of that carpet. Maybe it will be lighter or, it could be darker but, the aftermath will be unsightly. Restoring the carpet will require knowledge of: –

  • the liquid spilled
  • the carpet material
  • which cleaning chemical will remove the stain without damaging the carpet?
  • which cleaning method will produce the best all over result?

A good commercial carpet cleaning firm in New York City will know the answers and get the job done for you with a minimum of interruption to your business.

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