Do We Really Need Electric Towel Warmers?

by | Aug 14, 2013 | General

For those fortunate enough to live in a place that never experiences a cold winter, Electric Towel Warmers would have to be seen as an irrelevant luxury indulgence. For the rest of us, they may still be something that we do not really need but definitely something that we should have.

Picture yourself at the height of the winter’s cold season and you either have no form of heating in your bathroom (or the heating has malfunctioned or, worse still, you cannot afford to run the bathroom heating 24/7). Your bedroom heating is still functioning so you wake up not only nice and warm under your comforter but also comfortably warm when you emerge from the depths of your snug bed. You then head for the bathroom to commence your morning ablutions – remember, there’s no heating in there and a frigid blast of cold air meets you as soon as you step through the door. Better get straight into the shower and set the water temperature to high; fairly soon, you are feeling comfortably warm again.

But, you cannot stay in your shower cubicle until the warmer spring weather arrives; so, it would be nice if you could reach outside the cubicle and pick up a warm towel to wrap around yourself and retain the warm glow the shower has given you. Of course, you can’t spend all day wrapped in a towel and, in any case, it won’t keep warm that long. However, you will be happy just as long as it does keep you warm long enough to get back into the heated part of the house and/or slip into some warm winter clothes. Electric Towel Warmers are a blessing in this type of scenario – maybe not a life saving necessity but definitely a blessing that should not be seen as a luxury indulgence. And, let’s face it, even if our whole home, including the bathroom, is fully heated; a warm towel is a nice indulgence.

Towel warmers come in a variety of types such as; solid or rail; free standing or wall/ceiling mounted and can be heated by other than electricity. Making your selection will depend upon several factors like: – do you have a suitable electric supply in the bathroom; how much space is available and, of course, the cost.

The ecommerce site Electric Towel Warmers carries the well respected Tuzio brand of electric towel warmers. There are some 55 different types, sizes and designs to choose from.

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