Don’t Pursue a Claim Without the Help of a Car Accident Attorney in Towson, MD

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Legal Services

One of the biggest mistakes accident victims make is attempting to settle too early. People are often confused about the process and take whatever they get offered by the insurance company. It is important victims understand their rights and do all they can to ensure they receive a fair outcome. Hiring a car accident attorney in Towson, MD can make the process of pursuing a claim easier to go through.

It is crucial victims do not give statements, sign documents, or accept settlement offers until they have met with their car accident attorney in Towson, MD. They will prepare a client for making their recorded statement, which is a big part of the settlement process. They will also review any forms or letters received by the client before they are signed so as to prevent a victim from inadvertently signing away their rights.

The attorney will become important for negotiating with the insurance company. Insurance companies are sometimes unfair with victims because they are working to pay as little as they possibly can. If an adjuster knows a claimant is being represented by an attorney, they know the possibility of being sued is stronger, so they are more likely to be fair in settling the claim.

There are many ways an injury claim can be settled. Working with an attorney can allow for more options than trying to pursue a claim alone. One of the most important jobs of the attorney is negotiating the terms of the settlement. Many injury claims are settled outside of court depending on the willingness of all parties to negotiate fairly. There is always the option of pursuing a court case if an attorney feels the negotiation process is not proceeding successfully.

To start pursuing an injury claim, it is important one schedules a consultation appointment with the attorney. Many attorneys offer free consultation appointments and work on contingency so a victim does not have to pay unless they win their claim. Those who have become the victim of accidents they did not cause should visit for further information. With the help of an attorney, the process is much easier to progress through.

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