Facts About Using Mail.Dat Editor Capabilities

by | Jul 4, 2013 | Computer And Internet

Intelligent mail is the wave of not just the future, but of the present. The process of improving the way presort mail information and postage is handled is part of the intelligent mail concept. Something you should know is that the Mail.Dat Editor part of the process is not a software system, but a data format. It’s the standard for communicating data for postal mail composition. This format has been adopted on a global level making it readily available to use regardless of where you ship postal mailings.

The Mail.Dat format can be used for making labels, paying postage and the acceptance of postage, building reports, logistics planning, and creating drop ship appointments. This data format is usually part of an integrated, full-featured intelligent mail program used in business today. The goal is to prevent having to rerun the presort if changes are necessary. Mail.Dat Editor allows you to edit post presort Mail.dat files using your business mailers. It’s a centralized management system.

When you use the right mailer system for your business you can edit, copy, split, merge, and export your Mail.dat files. You should also be able to generate IMb barcodes, verify and print label lists, print labels for several mailings, and enjoy the benefits of an all-inclusive set of efficient tools for all your Mail.dat and IMb files.

The benefits of a management program for using the Mail.dat format include the following.

1. High performance, web-based, post-presort data management application

2. Fast processing

3. Multiple ways to edit any file or field in the file using templates

4. Total automation of import, export, and validation of the Mail.dat format

5. One-time, easy setup and data updates

The features to look for in a program that works with the Mail.dat data format are as follows.

1. Ability to print labels for multiple jobs, single jobs, and to multiple trays and sacks

2. Ability to merge jobs to increase volume

3. Ability to split single jobs in the Mail.dat format into multiple jobs simply by separating them into the right containers.

4. Ability to validate jobs according to PostalOne requirements for proper preparation

5. Ability to generate IM container bar codes for trays, sacks, and pallets or for full service mailing containers

The primary goal for the Mail.Dat Editor data format is to have options within your mailers to make the processing easier. This makes your system more productive and reduces mailing errors.

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