Filling Out An Affidavit for Military Service

by | Aug 14, 2013 | General

One of the more recent acts that was passed is the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (“SCRA”) which allows military servicemen and servicewomen to suspend any actions against them while they are on active duty. This suspension can be granted for as long as ninety days. In years past, this was always a difficult and unfair thing for any military serviceman or servicewoman to have to deal with.

The military servicemen and servicewomen were already under enough stress as it was with their current service in the military. Pile on the stress of a court appearance or something similar often sent many servicemen and servicewomen over the edge. This, in turn, jeopardized the rest of the military personnel.

Thankfully an act was passed that allowed for the suspension of such activities until a person was able to come home and respond to the case. In order to get this suspension though, a military person has to fill out a military service affidavit. All this basically is a signed and notarized form that proves that a person is indeed on active duty in the military. Courts will then grant up to ninety days so that a person has time to perform their current duties and then come home to tend to the matter at hand.

What is Needed for an Affidavit

To fill out the form, a person just needs to write in their name, the name of the case, and the case number. In most situations, there is also an area where a person can actually write in any additional information that may help their case in proving their current military service. This could include references to commanding officers or any other forms of proof.

In addition to the personal information, a person will also need to fill out their current rank and unit. Finally, there is the notary and signature. Now not all of the forms will require a notary and signature, but it never hurts to go ahead and get them. At the very least, it will help to speed up to the process.

For the most part, the forms are pretty short. There really is not much to it. Just double check that all of the information is filled out accurately for the military service affidavit

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service (“SCRACVS”) provides military service affidavits and rights to people who are on active military duty or have retired from duty. The service verifies which individuals qualify for the protections under the SCRA.


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