Find Your Dream Home at the Triple Wide Mobile Home Sale in Carson City, NV

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Real Estate

While the market is stabilizing in some areas, buying a home is still a major financial commitment. Many people are choosing to bypass standard construction and purchase mobile homes. In fact, mobile and modular homes account for at least ten percent of new home construction and a larger percentage of used home sales. Mobile homes offer many practical advantages, including:

Affordable, Practical, and Advantageous

Since mobile homes are generally purchased at a lower cost point, a homebuyer can get a lot more bang for their book. Increased square footage and upgrades that would be unreachable in a traditionally built home are easily afforded in a mobile home.

In addition, since overall cost is lower, down payments and monthly mortgage payments are often well below what a slab built house would cost out of pocket. Mobile homes come in all shapes and sizes, including those found at the triple wide mobile home sale in Carson City NV.

Location, Location, Location

Mobile homes can be placed on newly purchased land, previously owned land, or rental spaces. This gives homeowners options over those found with slab built homes. Since the overall cost for a mobile home is lower, many new homeowners can afford more acreage than they thought.

Renting space within a mobile home park or community setting offers homeowners added advantages. Often things such as snow removal, yard care, pools, and other park amenities are included as part of a monthly rental space fee.

Customizable and Upgradeable

Mobile homes are often customizable, allowing the purchaser to choose custom finishes such as granite countertops and wood flooring. Since this is such an affordable option, many resold homes often have high-end upgrades already in place. Check out the homes at the Triple Wide Mobile Home Sale in Carson City NV to see available options.

Environmentally Friendly Build

Many mobile homes are now built with an eye on limiting their impact on the environment. Low VOC paint and sustainable materials offer those who are worried about their carbon footprint to feel good about their home. Energy efficient appliances and green insulation products can help reduce energy costs in the long term.

Mobile homes are no longer cheap, rectangle boxes; they are customizable, high-end choices for those looking for upgrades and affordability. Click Here to find out more. Don’t settle for something less, when you can have everything on your dream home list.

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