Foreclosure Lawyer in Reading, PA Can Help You!

Things are really hard right now for your family. The plant shut down four months ago, you got a decent severance package, but it is wearing thin. You just got a notice from the bank that you have missed your third payment on your house note, and unless you can do something quickly, they may have to start foreclosure proceedings. Your best friend got the same letter a few weeks ago, but he is a veteran, and he said that he went to the VA and they have been providing him some assistance. Since you are not a veteran, you are wondering how to deal with this on your own.

The first thing you need to know, unless you can come up with the back payments, you probably cannot deal with this alone. Your best bet is to contact a foreclosure lawyer in Reading PA. You are a person who has always been able to take care of your family. You have met every need they have had. The kids are now getting older. How can they face their friends if you lose your house. How will you face your friends and family if you lose your house. This is probably the lowest point in your life.

If you contact Mitchell A. Sommers ESQ P.C. you will be surprised to learn that you are not to blame for this bank action. You are not to feel guilty. Attorney Sommers has helped many families who have been facing Foreclosures. He is familiar with the laws in Pennsylvania. You will find that he cares about you and your family as well. On your first meeting with you, he will request certain paper work to be brought in. He will review your financial situation, your housing loan and all of the other situations involving your family. He will probably ask you to fill out some paperwork for him concerning your budget and all the bills you owe. Then you will meet with him again after he has done some research on your situation, and he will advise you on the best way to proceed. There may be a way that you can file an appeal so that you can keep your home. There may be circumstances that, sadly are so out of control in your life, that he may advise you to file for bankruptcy. The main point: you are not alone in this battle!
Visit Mitchell A. Sommers ESQ, P.C. to get foreclosure lawyer in Reading, PA.

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