Get the Most Money for Your Junk Car in Fort Worth Today!

by | Aug 3, 2013 | Automotive

Do you have an old car just sitting in storage or on your property just collecting dust? Did you know that even if your car is broken, crashed or hasn’t been started in years that there are companies that will purchase your vehicle for cold hard cash? You have options when it comes to getting cash for cars in Fort Worth TX.

What is the Process?

There are a couple of ways you can sell your junk car for cash. Some buyers prefer that you set up an appointment and tow your junk car to their location for an appraisal. No offer is guaranteed. Sometimes you can call or email a buyer a description of your junk car and the reason that it is not running and they can give you a soft quote back. These quotes are dependent on the actual condition of the car and you will have to take it to the buyer’s location for a hard offer. Few and far between are the buyers that will come to your location by appointment and give you an offer on the spot, but they do exist.

How to Get the Best Deal

Unless you have all the time and money in the world it is not feasible for you to be dragging your car all over the metroplex looking for the best offer. First you need to get a pen and paper and call all of the junk car buyers in the area. Some, but not all of these will be advertised. A great way to find junk car buyers is by calling local mechanics and receiving referrals. One thing that mechanics do is get parts from these junk yards to be refurbished or directly installed into the vehicle depending on the condition. You can also call salvage yards and ask if they are currently in the market for new cars for their yard. Try to convince as many of the buyers as possible to give you soft quotes without seeing the vehicle, but you must be honest in your description of the car. Once you have a good idea of which buyers are most likely to spend the most money on your car, it is time to make appointments. Try to make all of your towing appointments on the same day so you can save time and money. The next part is easy; sell to the highest bidder. Good luck!



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