Getting a Better Understanding of Boat Insurance in Harrisburg, PA

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Insurance

8805103_mIt’s no surprise that millions of people throughout the country own boats and enjoy using them on a regular basis. If you call Harrisburg Pennsylvania home and do you own a boat, you will likely want to consider boat insurance. If you spent a great deal of money on your boat and you plan on entertaining guest on your boat, for the sake of the boat, its value and for protecting yourself financially in the event something should happen on your boat and someone were to get injured, Boat insurance in Harrisburg, PA is an excellent thing to have.

In terms of legal requirements, the question many people have about boat insurance is is it mandatory. A great deal of this will depend upon the state you live in. However, since the state of Pennsylvania doesn’t have any requirements demanding you have insurance, the choice of boat insurance is purely optional. However, if you plan on leaving your boat at a marina, most marinas will require that you have insurance.

The next question that people often have is what is boat insurance. While most people feel it’s much like automotive insurance, what you’ll find with most boat insurance policies is it’s a mixture between homeowners insurance and auto insurance. This type of insurance offers you liability coverage so that if someone gets hurt on your boat, you’ll have insurance coverage for those instances. In this manner, it is very much like a homeowners insurance policy. How it resembles car insurance is to boat insurance offers bodily injury coverage for people who are injured during a boat accident, property damage and of course physical damage for your boat should it be involved in a boating accident.

By understanding the requirements for boat insurance, understanding what boat insurance looks like and understanding the importance of protecting a financial investment like a boat, you’ll realize that getting boat insurance a no-brainer. The only thing left to do is to find a reputable provider of boat insurance, finding the exact policy that offers you and your boat the right coverage and then it’s simply a matter of purchasing that policy.

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