How to Find the Right Elementary School in Bloomington, MN

by | Jun 7, 2024 | Preschool

When your child is ready to go to elementary school, it can be a mix of emotions. You may be proud that they are growing up, emotional that they are no longer your baby, or nervous about their experience starting school. Choosing the right elementary school in Bloomington, MN can make your child love school and give them a good foundation for life later on. Here are some tips for what to look for when deciding between schools.

Ask About Their Approach to Education

The right educational philosophy can help your child grow. All schools should be intentional about the way that they approach education, especially private schools. Ask them what their learning goals and approaches are for their students. Information about this should be available on the website and in tours as well.

A good elementary school in Bloomington, MN should strive for academic excellence, while also remembering that their students are still children and allowing them to remain playful.

Notice Their Demeanor on Tour

Good schools offer tours and open houses for prospective parents. After all, you want to know the environment where your child will be spending most of their working hours. If a school doesn’t offer transparency to prospective parents, that is a sign it may not be right for your child.

When you go on a tour, pay attention to how they speak to you, your children, and to other children that you encounter. Communication should be warm, friendly, and direct—beware of saccharine introductions or harsh disciplinary attitudes.

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