How to Know It’s Time for New Warehouse Roofing in Geneva, IL

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Roofing Contractor

It can be difficult to know when to replace your building’s roof. If you are running a production or distribution facility, those everyday operations often mean that things like roofing are overlooked. That means that you might already need a new roof and not even know it!

Not sure? Here is how to tell when it’s time to replace your warehouse roofing in Geneva, IL:

Leakage Caused by Weather Events

Rain and snow should not impact your building’s interior. Leakage is the first sign of a roof in need of replacement.

Stains or Mold on Ceilings

Sometimes your roof looks structurally sound, but invisible leakage causes damage to ceilings. Discoloration and mold are both indicators of this – and a sign your roof needs replacement or repair.

Damage to Insulation

Have you noticed a shift in your building’s insulation? What about mushy or waterlogged insulation? These are both serious problems that can indicate a bigger issue with your roofing.

Rusting on Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is made to withstand normal weather issues and resist rust for many years. Noticing visible rust on a metal roof is a major red flag.

Drains and Gutters Overflowing

Have you seen more problems with overflowing gutters or drains recently? This can indicate a damaged roof that no longer allows for adequate weather protection.

Structural Damage

The roof is meant to protect the rest of your building. A damaged roof can cause structural issues that compromise your business and endanger staff and customers.

Inventory, Production, and Labor Losses

The foremost indicator that roof replacement is urgently needed is damage to your business’s inventory or processes. Whether you see damaged items or halted labor and production processes, a faulty roof can destroy your bottom line.

If you are seeing any of these issues in your facility, it may be time for new warehouse roofing in Geneva, IL. Contact Benchmark Exteriors, your local roofing professional for an estimate. A new roof might be cheaper than you imagined – and take less time to install, too!

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