Injured on the Job? Call a Lawyer for a Workers Compensation Case Consultation in Baltimore

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Law, Legal Services

If a worker is hurt on the job in Baltimore, they can file a workers compensation claim to be paid for their medical treatment. They are also entitled to a portion of their wages if they have to miss work to recuperate. Every company is required to participate in the program and to carry the appropriate insurance policy. As simple as this process sounds, it has become very difficult for many workers to get the benefits they are entitled to by law. Therefore when they are injured at work, they should contact Jack J. Schmerling, Attorney at Law to help them successfully navigate the system.

From their very first response to an injury, a worker has to be aware of the rules they have to follow. When they seek medical care for an injury and they expect workers compensation to pay for it, they must go to a doctor that is on a prescribed list. That list has to be placed in a public place at their place of work. If they go to their own family doctor and they are not on the list, that can jeopardize their claim. If it’s a genuine emergency, they can go to any emergency room without a penalty. However as soon as they have a Workers compensation Case Consultation in Baltimore with their lawyer, he will know how to counteract any innocent mistake the injured worker made.

The business where the person works has to authorize it as a legitimate claim with the insurance company. From that moment on the worker deals with the insurance company and not the company he works for. He has to remember that the insurance company makes money by collecting high premiums and paying out as little money as possible. Therefore he will have to work with his lawyer to ensure that the insurance company is willing to let him have off the entire amount of time to recuperate and is willing to pay for all necessary treatment. After several months off of work, the injured employee may receive a letter from the insurance company stating that they need to have an examination by the insurance company doctor to verify the extent of the injury that remains to be healed. Their lawyer will know how to handle this.

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