Installing a Honeywell Alarm System Philadelphia

by | Aug 23, 2013 | Security Services

 If you are concerned about home security, it is definitely worthwhile to consider installing a Honeywell Alarm System Philadelphia. Alarm systems can not only give you peace of mind, but can help to protect your home or business from unwanted intruders trying to access your private property. A complete system generally is installed for free with monthly payments for monitoring, but a contract is required. The overall cost will generally be less than $100.00 per year, but that can vary, depending upon the size of the property and the extent of the installation.

Most Honeywell Alarm System Philadelphia have wiring that is installed throughout the home or the business with motion sensors that are set to detect movement and trip the alarm in the event that intruders gain access to your property. Upon the alarm tripping, the security company will attempt to contact the home owner or the business owner via telephone due to the fact that the tripping may have been accidentally done by the resident or business owner. If an answer is received, the alarm call is canceled, but if there is no answer received, a security employee will be sent to that location to investigate further. If there is a need, they will immediately contact 911 to receive police assistance on site.

Installing a Honeywell alarm system Philadelphia can help to deter intruders and can also save you money on your insurance costs. Most insurance companies will provide you with a discount on insurance if you have a working and armed alarm system in place. If you have had issues in the past with intruders or are just concerned about break-ins in the future, it is a good proactive measure to have an alarm system installed in your home or at your business. Thieves often break in and cause a great deal of damage simply looking for items to steal, even if they do not take anything from your home or business. The damage caused can cost a lot of money and business down time during repair. Sometimes theft can be devastating, especially when irreplaceable heirlooms or data is stolen. Don’t let this happen to you, consider the installation of an alarm system to prevent it. Visit to get more information.

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