Irrigation Service in Grand Rapids is Great for a Healthy Lawn

by | Sep 7, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Every homeowner wants a healthy lawn. In some areas, this may be difficult to do when temperatures soar and water supplied become restricted. As such, you need to know how to efficiently water the grass. A lawn should only be watered as needed. Grass that is easily crushed by footsteps may need water; whereas, grass that springs back up is fine.

The lawn should be watered in the earlier part of day or in the evening-;never in the afternoon as the sun beats down. This will prevent evaporation of the water. If you have a choice, perform this task in the morning so that water does not sit overnight, as this allows the possibility of diseases or rot. Irrigation Service in Grand Rapids may be a solution, versus hand watering using a hose.

An irrigation system can be installed to automatically take care of the watering tasks as needed, or on a timer basis. This will free you from having to perform what can be a laborious process at times. The irrigation services company may also recommend aeration for your lawn, as this allows for better and more efficient water distribution. The added benefit also included improved air exchange, which is important for healthy grass, especially in compacted soil such as clay. If you have a new lawn installed, it is probably a good idea to have a sprinkler system put into place as well.

There are other ways to decrease your water usage. It is important to properly mow the grass. Grass clippings act as a way to provide nutrients and moisture retention to the lawn. The soil is improved as the clippings breakdown, and the water used in irrigation is utilized better. Any weeds need to be removed because the weeds tend to be greedy and compete for the water that should go to the grass.

For the best results, it is good to use a type of grass that is meant for your climate. Areas that are prone to water restrictions need to use grass that is drought resistant. Check with Sanderson and DeHaan for more information about irrigation services for your home.

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