Is your smile important to you?

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Dental Care

A persons smile is a significant asset, a beautiful smile can change anyone’s outlook on life. A beautiful smile is one way of gaining confidence as unsightly, crooked, missing or discolored teeth usually means the person hides a smile behind his or her hand. This is where cosmetic dental in Binghamton NY comes into play.
Cosmetic dentistry is simply a term that is used to cover a wide range of dental treatments and procedures, the aim of which is to restore the natural beauty of the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry includes correction of an overbite as well as replacing missing teeth with implants. There is little doubt that this type of dental care can enhance your smile as well as your confidence.

There is a very good chance that you have had a cosmetic dental procedure and you don’t know about it. If you have ever had tooth colored fillings or a crown then you have had cosmetic dental in Binghamton NY.

No matter how conscious a person is with their teeth and their care, over time they can become stained. This problem is not something that is on the surface of the tooth, this problem is staining of the second tooth layer, the dentin. Bleaching the teeth can restore the natural color or, if desired, the teeth can be made even brighter.
Other procedures that are considered as cosmetic are replacing amalgam fillings with white material. If, when you smile you show too much gum, the gums can be trimmed as can gaps between the teeth be eliminated and missing teeth replaced with permanent implants.

Many people suffer certain dental problems that although not truly cosmetic, fall under the cosmetic remit. It surprises many patients when they find out that cosmetic dentistry can help correct the function of their teeth. The modern materials used in dentistry are all extremely strong and will last for many years, the cosmetic dentist can help with your bite and the way you chew your food.

The various procedures take different amounts of time. In some cases considerable preliminary work will have to be carried out first while in other cases the work can be done in one or two visits. A tooth colored restoration for example is a one visit affair while ceramic veneers may take three or more visits.

The biggest benefit of cosmetic dental in Binghamton NY is the immediate change in the person’s outlook on life. Nothing makes a person look better and feel better more than a beautiful, captivating smile.

Cosmetic dental in Binghamton NY is but one of the dental services offered by the New York Dental Group. You are invited to call for an appointment to discuss your dental needs.

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